Ranch Estate Project

A Grand Statement

This elaborate ranch estate entry project was a grand statement from the street and ¾ mile drive through with enormous boulders and up to 4 foot high dry stacked walls creating planters on both sides of the drive. An eclectic splash of Arizona type plant material mixed with a hill country feel and even a touch of colorful formality made this design truly one of a kind. Heavy equipment was necessary to place some of the largest boulders which exceeded 10,000 lbs. in some cases. This ranch estate entrance was worthy of matching some of the largest subdivision entrances in the state of Texas with its sheer size and strength.

This project included:

  • 40 zone irrigation system with 3” main line
  • 96 tons of cinderblock for entry walls
  • 192 tons of chop stone, boulders and veneer stone for entry walls and planters
  • Over 1000 cubic yards of amended soils installed for planting beds
  • Over 9000 plants installed ranging from 1 gallon to 200 gallon sizes