Award Winning French Country Estate

Bronze Award

This beautiful ranch estate was developed over a one year time period into 10 acres of absolute outdoor landscape design perfection. The “Old World” architecture of the home was reflected throughout the landscape design with formalized perennial gardens, hand cut and chipped stone, and over 200 tons of aggregate and stone materials used throughout the project. The ever-blooming gardens create a peaceful retreat throughout this estate property that is one of the most amazing landscapes you could imagine. This project included the following:

  • 40 zone irrigation system
  • 300 pallets of hand laid sod
  • 2000 linear feet of 4”-8” pvc pipe channeled to a pumping system that discharges to a pond on the property
  • 10,000 square feet of decomposed granite drives with stabilized materials added for vehicular traffic
  • Over 3000 plantings installed ranging from 200 gallon trees to 1 gallon perennials
  • 48 tons of veneer stone application
  • 96 tons of drainage aggregates installed
  • Residential Installation over $1,000,000
  • Designed and Engineered: All exterior hardscape and landscape design
  • Challenges Included: Extensive drainage elements and mitigation areas, home was 2½’ above natural elevation, procurement of specimen plant material from southern states to reflect an immediate natural garden, several grade transitions throughout ten acres, save all existing hardwoods

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