The Importance of Irrigation and Water Conservation for Landscaping

Our water supply is a limited source and will be depleted if we don’t use our water wisely. Water is also key in maintaining beautiful landscaping year after year. It’s vitally important to include irrigation and water conservation planning when designing landscaping for your home.

Irrigation and Water Conservation in Landscaping

At the end of the day, lawn care and landscaping require a lot of water. Grass, plants, trees, flowers, and other greenery require water to remain healthy and vibrant. While some water will be provided by the natural rain cycle, it is not consistent nor sufficient to keep your lawn and live landscaping elements healthy. Many landscape designs also include fountains, waterfalls, and creeks. It’s essential to approach every landscape design with a plan for irrigation and water conservation.

Innovative New Products

The irrigation industry has been on the ball in recent years, developing many new and innovative irrigation products. These products feature drip irrigation which conserves on average up to 50 percent of water usage over other methods. Licensed irrigators can install these products. They truly are the wisest choice on the market for conserving future water sources.

For Your Home

You may think the water usage in your household is insignificant in the effort to conserve water, and that may be true upon simple comparison. However, what is needed to preserve water sources for the future is a cultural shift and that begins with every household and every person. Choosing irrigation products designed to conserve water is a great way to do your part in conserving our water sources for our children and grandchildren.  

It’s All in the Design

The design process is the absolute most important part of installing an efficient irrigation system. The system needs to be designed to produce an even rate of water distribution throughout your lawn, avoiding dry areas or oversaturated areas. The system should also be broken into zones to accommodate different watering needs in shaded areas, sunny areas, and of different types of plants and grass. Your irrigation design is key for an efficient system.

A Word About Cost

While savings is not the goal of water conservation, it’s a factor to keep in mind. The initial costs associated with these types of drip irrigation systems are slightly higher than their conventional counterparts. However, the savings in your water bill will more than compensate for this higher initial costs within a few years. You can’t get any better than that- conserving future water sources AND saving money over the long term!

Planning for the Next Generation

When planning your landscaping, it’s vital to include a smart plan for irrigation and water conservation. If we don’t begin now, water will be scarce for the next generation.

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