Exciting Outdoor Structures to Enhance Your Backyard

Think about outdoor structures as a way to extend your living area into your backyard. Whether you’re throwing a party, spending family time together, or enjoying a romantic evening with your spouse, having living space that extends to your backyard is essential. Enjoy each other, enjoy some great food, and enjoy the outdoors as often as you want.   

Create Your Backyard Oasis with These Exciting Outdoor Structures

Imagine having your very own personalized oasis right in your backyard. You could escape anytime to relax and unwind and simply enjoy the fresh air. Entertain guests, enjoy family and friends, or just treat yourself to a little R & R from time to time. Picture your own oasis in your mind as you consider the following outdoor structures:

Outdoor Living Room

Create a space for leisurely conversation and intimate gatherings. Plush weather-resistant seating, intimate lighting, and purposeful decor are a must. Cover it for protection from the elements, but leave it open to enjoy the outdoors. Add a reading spot and smaller, more intimate seating areas, with seats around a central coffee table for a larger setting.Make it cozy and homey with all the openness, sights, and sounds of the outdoors as a natural backdrop.

Pavilion or Gazebo

Find a space a little further from the house to install a pavilion or gazebo. These structures provide complete protection from the weather allowing you to enjoy your backyard any time of day and in any season. You can roast marshmallows in the winter and enjoy family barbecues during the summer in a pavilion. Or you could opt for a gazebo to simply gaze upon the spectacular view as often as you like.

Outdoor Kitchen

In another area, install an outdoor kitchen so the chef doesn’t have to cook alone while everyone else enjoys conversation. Having an outdoor kitchen will also cut down on traffic and in and out of your house, giving your AC a little break. Plus, when you are throwing a party, the sights and smells of food preparation will enhance the atmosphere.


You can think of a patio as a covered porch, a true home addition or extension. Create the seating, decor, and lighting to accommodate your needs, then extend your existing roof to cover it. This elegant addition creates an open, covered area for socializing and enjoying the outdoors.

Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace could be added to a living room, pavilion, outdoor kitchen, patio, or as a standalone structure. You could choose a traditional design, rustic, modern, or anything you like. In your pavilion, you could opt for a fire pit in the center. An outdoor fireplace brings all the coziness and warmth of your central living room out into your backyard.


Instead of a solid covering over your patio, outdoor living areas, or other spaces, you can add a little elegance with a pergola. This simple structure provides some shade while allowing some sunshine in as well. You can add more shade and a touch of nature by adding a growing vine.


Connect your outdoor structures to each other and to the entrances to your home with beautiful decking. You can control the flow of traffic and add a little style with this popular option. Built-in benches also provide additional seating when hosting large parties outdoors.

Live in and Outside Your Home

Extending your living area into your backyard is a great way to entertain guests, enjoy family time, and have a personal oasis to relax and unwind in after a long day at work. Throw parties, talk with friends and invite your poker buddies over Friday night. Build your own personal oasis with these and other outdoor structures. Let’s make a visit to your home an event to remember.

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