7 Outdoor Flooring Options For a Welcoming Patio

Patios are as diverse as the homes they’re attached to. From large rectangular cement slab patios to a free-form wood patio, there’s a variety of options to choose from. With so many options, it can be hard to pick the right flooring material. With patio design, you want to select flooring that combines form and function. Here are 7 options that do just that. Click To Tweet

Outdoor Flooring Options

With beautiful Texas weather virtually all year round, you probably spend a lot of time outside (or wish you had a place to). A patio provides that and more, but if yours needs a facelift, you may wonder what material to use.

  1. Traditional Wood
  2. Composite Wood
  3. Tile
  4. Brick
  5. Concrete
  6. Foam
  7. Stones

1) Traditional Wood

Wood decks and patios are gorgeous and classic, with rough-around-the-edges rustic looks and sleek, modern designs, wood can fit almost any style. It pairs beautifully with any home exterior, making a home extension or covered patio a beautiful addition to your living space.

2) Composite Wood

Wood has a reputation for being high-maintenance, experiencing issues like expansion, contraction, termites, wood rot, refinishing, etc. Composite flooring is made of thick vinyl that looks like real wood, but when it gets dirty you can easily hose it off. It’s fire resistant,

3) Tile

Tile looks elegant and unique, and adds a lot of character to a patio. There’s no shortage of options, from warm and rustic to modern and sleek. Just be sure to select unglazed tiles, as glazed can become slippery when wet.

4) Brick

Brick can give you a lot of different options for colors and patterns for your porch flooring and it definitely creates a unique look that sets you apart from the rest. Perfect for by an outdoor fireplace, or a cozy patio, brick is an often forgotten, but gorgeous outdoor flooring. There’s nothing out there that can compare with the look of natural brick. It adds a very unique feel to your space, and as your brick begins to wear, it just adds even more character and personality to your patio.

5) Concrete

Concrete often gets tossed aside as boring, but with so many options, that’s hardly the case. While standard concrete can be a bit bland, it’s very easy to spice it up with stain, paint, or other finishes. It’s also the ideal foundation for tile.

6) Foam

Similar to what you’d find on a playground, foam flooring comes in tiles form, or in sheets. It’s very kid-friendly and durable, though it does require a bit of maintenance in the form of a good washing once in a while. It’s also more expensive than many other flooring options. If you’re on the fence, consider putting foam under playground equipment, then going with a more sophisticated flooring for your patio.

7) Stones

Natural stones are perfect for a rustic or old world patio. Stones can be set into concrete to make for a smoother flooring, but can also be set directly into the earth.

Mixed Materials

Not sure what to choose? Another option is to use mixed materials, such as brick, concrete, pea gravel, pavers, and tile. This can break up a large area, creating more visual interest than just one material. There’s really no limit to what you can do!

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