5 Pergola Ideas for Any Backyard

Having a comfortable place to relax, entertain, and dine can make your outdoor space more enjoyable. Adding a feature to your garden or backyard might include building a pergola. A pergola is both rustic and romantic, adding a bit of old world charm to your backyard.

Beautiful Pergola Ideas

A pergola is a structure or archway with a framework often covered in climbing or trailing plants. It consists of posts or beams but usually no walls or solid roof. It may be freestanding or attached to your home, and it’s often designed to be a shaded walkway or relaxation area.

1) Elegant Dining Area

Construct a simple rectangular pergola over a stone patio. Plant wisteria, climbing rose or bougainvillea which in time will grow into a leafy canopy overhead.

2) Rustic U-Shaped

While pergolas are usually square or rectangular, a U-shaped structure can separate a narrow area from the rest of the yard. Using unsealed and unstained fir or similar material will cause it to weather over time, giving it a beautiful rustic appearance.

3) Secret Pathway

Nothing is more romantic or charming than a lushly covered pathway leading to a quiet seating area or hidden garden. Add honeysuckle vines for a fragrant and beautiful accent.

4) A Private Place

While pergolas are open air, there are creative and beautiful ways to add privacy. Outdoor material can be used to create curtains on one or more side. When not pulled shut they drape elegantly, making the space feel more like a spa.

5) Non-Traditional

Outdoor designers have become more creative with pergola designs, playing with non-traditional shapes and materials. Talk to a professional about creating a one of a kind structure just for your yard.

Creativity is Key

There’s really no limit to what you could do with a pergola. Add columns instead of posts for Roman flare, or plant grape vines around it for a decidedly Italian feel. Creativity will be what makes your pergola unique and fresh!

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