5 Advantages of Quality Synthetic Putting Greens

What if you could step out your back door and practice your short game any time you wanted? Imagine how quickly your game would improve. Think about entertaining friends and family and giving your kids something unique to do. You can enjoy all of this with a quality synthetic putting green in your backyard.

5 Advantages of Synthetic Putting Greens

Your backyard is a place to relax and have fun. What better way than practicing your short game? Practice your chip shots and putting any time in the convenience of your backyard. Consider the following 5 benefits:

1) Maintenance Free!

Synthetic turf requires no regular or seasonal maintenance. You can simply have it installed in your backyard and enjoy it whenever you want with no hassle or worries.

2) Practice Your Short Game

Wouldn’t you love to have a customized putting green, true to the green experience, right in your backyard? You could practice your short game in the evenings and on weekends to get ready for your next game. You will gain an edge on your playing partners in no time.

3) Backyard Lessons

A backyard putting green is also a great way to give your family putting lessons right in the backyard. Let your kids putt around for fun or teach them proper technique. They will love it either way.

4) Customizable

Green contours are customizable to accommodate your needs and preferences. It can be worked into your backyard landscape design as a raised focal point or tucked back in the corner out of the way. It can also be customized for any level of play. From a small single hole green to multiple holes throughout the backyard, the possibilities are limitless.

5) Weather Resistant

The synthetic grass used in putting greens is highly weather resistant. You won’t have to worry about how the elements will affect it. You will be able to enjoy your custom green for years and years to come.

Time to Step Up Your Game

Whether you’re a serious golfer or just want to impress or overcome your playing partners, backyard synthetic putting greens in your are the ticket. Enjoy a little R&R in your backyard while improving your short game. Entertain your guests in a unique way, or give your kids lessons. Consider adding a custom putting green to your backyard today!

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