Water Conservation for the Northwest Houston Area

Water Conservation and Irrigation for the Houston Area

Water conservation and irrigation is rapidly becoming an important factor to consider when planning a landscaping project. Our local water source is a limited resource and if we are not careful we will deplete it beyond repair. Beautification and maintenance of our green spaces is something that many people enjoy as a hobby and others find as a career.

The greater Houston area is a rapidly growing epicenter supporting business development, housing, infrastructure, and recreation.  With the development of an area comes the need for more landscaped green spaces.  These new green spaces require one key element for their success over time, “Water”.   Up until the last few years the water table and water conservation and irrigation have never been something to be concerned about; however with recent climate changes and increased usage, that has changed.  Here is a hard fact:  “The population in Montgomery County will double by the year 2040.  We must reduce water use by 30 percent by that time because if not our use will exceed the recharge of the aquifer” (www.lonestargcd.org) this is startling reality about what is possible if we do not make the necessary changes to conserve water and treat it as a limited resource.

The good news about innovative water conservation and irrigation products

The irrigation industry has been ahead of the curve in the last few years and developed many products based on drip irrigation that conserve up to 50 percent of water usage on average!  These products can be installed by licensed irrigators and are an absolute must if we are to properly conserve our water sources in the future.

What are the costs associated with these innovative products?

There are in fact slightly higher costs associated with the installation of a drip system or a smart watering type irrigation setup.  At the same time these higher costs will pay themselves back within the first two to four years of irrigation use and continue to save dollars every month when receiving your water bill.  The difference in this case is that savings is not the most important part, it is the conservation of a resource that will not be readily available and extremely expensive if conserving methods are not introduced now.

Why should I use conservation methods for irrigation at my home?

If we do not begin conserving water our children and their children will have serious consequences in dealing with a shortage of our most used natural resource.  By taking simple action now and making decisions that plan for a more plentiful source of water in the future we can extend the plentiful availability of this resource for generations to come.