Absolutely Outdoors Adds Seating and Dining to Scotland Yard

Absolutely Outdoors Adds Seating and Dining to Scotland Yard

The Woodlands, TX  has one of the best high school baseball venues in the state.  In fact, Scotland Yard was recognized as the best high school field in the country in 2006.  This has come about by continuous improvements to the field and facilities over the years.  The one area not receiving much focus in recent years is the fan area. Coach Eastman identified this as an opportunity in the fall, and the process has been started to make improvements which will directly impact the enjoyment of the game for the fans in the stands.

An idea was hatched to use the area currently fenced off between the visitor dugout and left field stands to create a space that can be utilized as an extension to the concession area, where all fans – home and visitor – can sit down and eat a meal during the game.  This area is currently not utilized, and adding this seating will take the fan experience at Scotland Yard to a new level.

Absolutely Outdoors won the bid for this project over two other local companies by having “the best design and the best value” according to the Highlander Home Run Club board. Read the original article here.

The original area and renderings of the vision are pictured below.