Setting the Stage for Year-Round Outdoor Entertaining in Texas

If you’ve lived in Texas long, you are familiar with the bipolarity of our weather here. During any given week in October, for example, you may experience a high of 90 degrees one day and temps in the 60s the next. As someone who enjoys outdoor entertaining, you want to be sure that your backyard is prepped for guests to either soak up the rays or enjoy the crisp, cool breeze of a Texas cold front.

How to Create a Backyard Space that You Can Use Year-Round

It’s easy to imagine a backyard party where guests jump in the pool to cool down and sip some lemonade or a nice cocktail after their swim. But how do you ensure that the same backyard paradise is ready to entertain your guests in the colder months?

Here are a few elements that bring together the perfect backyard for year-round outdoor entertaining:

Outdoor Entertaining, Heated Pool and Spa, Absolutely OutdoorsA Heated Pool and Spa

Make sure you can still use your pool on cooler days with a heated pool and spa. Even on the coldest days, guests will love you for your spa as it will help them relax and unwind.

Covered Patio with Seating Area

Extend your living area to the outdoors with a covered patio and nice seating area. A pergola or roof extension is perfect to shield you and your guests from the sun or the rain and adds a touch of class to your entertainment area. Our roof extensions are seamless – it will look as if it was part of the original structure!

Outdoor Entertaining with Outdoor Kitchen, Absolutely OutdoorsOutdoor Kitchen Area

What’s an outdoor party without an outdoor kitchen? Cook and entertain at the same time while your guests huddle around and socialize. Outdoor kitchens are great for anything from grilling burgers to creating more elaborate dinners.

A Lively Outdoor Fire

A great alternative to the beloved Texas bonfire, a backyard fire pit, fireplace, or fire bowl is a cozy addition to your backyard entertainment space. An outdoor fire is perfect for cooking s’mores in the summer and keeping guests warm in the winter.

Year-round Plants and Flowers

Your landscape designer will work with you to choose plants and flowers that work year-round or create a plan for updating your backyard with fresh, new plants for the current season.

multiple acre landscape and hardscapeThe Perfect Ambiance

Enhance your outdoor entertaining space with outdoor mood and accent lighting, mosquito control, and coolant misting systems to create the perfect ambiance for your guests.

Be prepared any time of year to enjoy your beautiful space – you deserve it!

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Your backyard should be a relaxing escape from your everyday hectic schedule and obligations. Don’t limit use to a certain season! Whether you are hosting elaborate parties or hanging out with close friends and family, make sure your backyard is primed for any day of the year.

For more great ideas on how to create an amazing backyard space for year-round entertainment, contact us to speak with one of our designers.