Why Fall is the Best Time of Year to Build a Pool

Summer’s over and school is back in session. The holidays are just around the corner and you’ll soon be getting ready for the end of the year. Building a swimming pool is probably the last thing on your mind right now. But did you know that the coming months are actually one of the best times of year to build a pool?  Avoid unforeseen delays and summertime construction by building your pool in the fall. Click To Tweet

Why Build Your Pool in the Fall?

It’s incredibly common to build a pool in the spring or summer when the sun is out and it’s starting to get hot outside. However, because of this, the demand is high and your wait time could be lengthier. 

Moderate Temperatures for Pool Design & Construction

It’s easier for workers and homeowners to plan construction projects during the more moderate weather of the fall. The construction team building your pool is better able to focus on the work they’re doing. The cooler temperatures provide a more pleasant environment for the hard labor required to build a pool.

More Attention for Your Project

During peak season, a contractor will likely have several projects on their mind all at the same time. Fall is typically a slower season, so they’re able to give your pool design extra attention.

Plenty of Time Before Pool Season

If you begin building your pool in the spring, there’s no guarantee it will be finished in time for the start of summer. Rainfall and storms cause unforeseen delays that can push project completion into the summer months. Plus, if you decide to add a pergola or covered patio, you have plenty of time.

Getting Started

If you’ve been thinking about adding a pool to your backyard, consider starting this fall instead of waiting for the spring or summer. The cooler weather and slower season provide the best work environment and ample time, so you’re sure to be ready for summer.

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