Top 5 Best Outdoor Living Areas

When you look out your back window, do you like what you see? Outdoor space is often wasted or underutilized, but recent trends make it easier than ever to maximize your backyard. The latest #designtrends pair the functionality of your home with its #outdoorspaces, blurring the lines between the indoors and outdoors. Click To Tweet

Best Outdoor Living Areas

Enjoy the great outdoors with a functional and luxurious outdoor living space. Enhance your backyard by creating comfortable areas that each serve a different purpose. This will ensure that there’s something for everyone, no matter what age!

1) Swim

The hot Texas summers make a backyard pool a must-have for homeowners. Swimming provides the obvious benefit of cooling off but is also a great exercise. It’s low impact and creates a feeling similar to that felt during meditation. Having a pool instantly makes your outdoor space a destination.

2) Play

From life-sized check tables to putting greens and more, there’s no limit to the many play areas your backyard can hold. There’s no reason play has to be restricted to small children. Modern play spaces have fun for all ages and are never an eyesore.

3) Lounge

Relaxing outside while the sun is setting is the perfect way to end an evening. Having a designated lounge area with comfortable seating, pillows and shade create the perfect nap zone, or a quiet place for conversation.

4) Cook

Cooking in an outdoor kitchen ensures that you’re never far from the action outside! Grill, cook or whip up fresh guacamole with chips. Keep cold drinks in the fridge and plenty of fresh fruit for the kiddos.   

5) Watch

While everyone swims, plays and lounges, you can relax while watching the big game. Under the protection of a home extension or pavilion, a wall mounted television is safe from the elements and easy to enjoy in any weather.

Something For Everyone

With so many different areas in 1 backyard, there is always something for everyone. Lounging, playing, swimming or eating are all possible with smart design and space planning.

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