Texas Landscaping Ideas to Set Your Home Apart

Texas can be a challenging place to create and maintain beautiful landscapes. The weather here can be extreme, reaching triple-digit temperatures in the summer, and occasionally dropping below freezing in the winter. With a little guidance and the help of an outdoor professional, you can have the #texaslandscape of your dreams. Click To Tweet

Texas Landscaping Ideas

When you think of landscaping, most people imagine their backyard but don’t forget to add curb appeal. Landscaping should create a smooth flow that transitions from the front, sides, and backyard.

Add Tropical Touches

Despite the more difficult climate of Texas, many tropical plants grow very well here. Banana trees offer a lush green shrub, deep purple cordyline or bright red hibiscus are tropical staples that do very well here in Texas. The flowers of the plumeria are gorgeous, and the aroma is unmistakably wonderful.  There’s no shortage of tropical inspiration out there!

Natural Shade

Natural shade is an invaluable asset in hot summer months. Oak trees come in a variety of species, providing different colors and shapes to complement any yard. Pine trees are also a terrific shade tree and are unique in that they don’t disrupt the views. For a tropical twist, palm trees are the perfect solution!

Color Pops

Unlike your home’s interior, adding a lot of different bold colors is always a good idea in landscaping. Layering colors, such as a row of bright red Birds of Paradise behind yellow prickly pear cactus or even a blanket of bluebonnets, a true Texas tradition!


Water conservation and irrigation are important factors to consider when planning a landscaping design. Water is a limited resource, and if you’re not careful you’ll deplete rapidly. Beautification and maintenance of green space rest on how much water is available.

A Beautiful Yard Year-Round

The climate in and around Houston is pleasant year-round, so why shouldn’t your yard be lush all year? With the right planning and landscape design team behind you, your house will be the envy of the neighborhood.

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