Planting a Beautiful and Functional Edible Garden

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to their backyards.  Here in Texas, most backyards feature a swimming pool, a playset, or some have an empty space waiting to come alive. Regardless of what your backyard looks like, there’s always room to add edible plants, whether in containers, raised beds or directly into your garden bed. An edible garden is a rewarding, useful and beautiful use of your outdoor space. Click To Tweet

Best Plants For an Edible Garden

There are so many vines, trees and container plants that will not only beautify your landscape but will also produce a bountiful harvest of food for you and your family to enjoy. Texas enjoys enough sunshine and rain to support a wide variety of edible plants. If you’re unsure of how much water your plants need, an irrigation expert can help!


The tomatoes plant is hardy and easy to grow. There are many different kinds, so you can choose the kind you like the most.


Is there anything better than fresh strawberries on a hot summer day? Strawberries grow extremely well in Texas, but beware little critters that may want to eat them too!


Imagine the smell of fresh Caprese salad, with tomatoes and basil straight from your own yard. With herbs growing right outside your back door, you’ll enjoy the smells, sight, and taste of a variety of herbs.


You can pickle them, add them to ice water, or put them on your eyelids to reduce puffiness. Cucumbers are a very versatile vegetable, high in fiber, antioxidants and water.

Fruit Trees

Fruit trees not only provide delicious produce but shade and visual interest. In Texas, you can grow a wide variety of fruit trees, from apples to peaches.

Homegrown Garden

Nothing beats the satisfaction that comes with biting into a homegrown tomato or sprinkling a dish with herbs that you tended with your own hands. Not ready to commit to an entire garden? Ask your landscape professional to mix a few edible plants into your existing landscaping.

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