Hardscape Elements to Make Your Yard Shine

Hardscape encompasses all the hard elements in your yard, from your patio to your pool. Softscape refers to all the living, growing things, such as grass, shrubs, and flowers. A beautiful landscape should contain a balance of the 2, with soft elements framing the hardscape. The #hardscapeelements in your #backyard make the space more functional and beautiful. Click To Tweet

Incorporating Hardscape Elements

Providing a mixture of hard and softscape ensures that your yard won’t look like a jungle or a vacant lot. With smart planning and design, every yard can incorporate areas of hardscape and softscape for a beautiful finished product:

Home Extension

Building a home extension is an incredibly smart way to maximize your outdoor space. A home extension will match the exterior of your home, making it appear as though it’s part of the original structure. Add comfortable seating, a ceiling fan, outdoor kitchen or entertainment area. It can be as simple or luxurious as you want!

Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf requires no maintenance but provides a beautiful and detailed appearance throughout the year.  In addition to the aesthetic benefit is the fact that no irrigation is necessary, and many varieties of synthetic turf offer different heights and color tones. If you have an expansive yard, synthetic turf is a great alternative to real grass.

Outdoor Ground Floor

The ground floor of your home likely contains the kitchen, living room and dining room. Today’s biggest outdoor living trend is creating an outdoor ground floor. An outdoor kitchen, covered living room and open-air dining room essentially double the size of those indoor rooms, and make for a more memorable and low-maintenance living experience.

Frame It With Softscaping

Frame and soften your hardscape elements with lush, beautiful landscaping. A home extension, pavilion or pergola can look stark without climbing vines or shrubs around them. Softscape is your opportunity to add color and personality to your outdoor living space, so take advantage of it!

A Stunning Sight

When you look outside, your yard should beckon you to come enjoy it. With comfortable seating, shade and impressive hardscape elements, your yard is sure to impress. With the right design team supporting you from start to finish, your vision can become a reality.

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