Your Guide to Dividing Outdoor Living Space

Maybe you recently moved into a new home or are considering an outdoor overhaul but aren’t sure where to start. View the space like a floor plan. Look at your yard and imagine what kind of smaller outdoor rooms or spaces you could add for entertaining, relaxing or dining. A large yard can be a bit overwhelming, but the key to good design is to break it down. Click To Tweet

Dividing Outdoor Living Space

Whatever kind of yard you have, dividing the area creates focal points and practical uses. In addition, it adds character and charm to your outdoor space. The way you’ll approach this will depend greatly on what you’ll be using the space for. Here are some basic options for dividing your backyard:

The Heart of the Home

Inside, your kitchen is probably the center of your home’s activity. The outside version should follow the same basic concept. A covered patio houses appliances and the grill and may overlook a pool or expansive yard. The covered portion of the patio would ideally include a dining space, or at least an area for guests to sit and mingle. Fans can be installed to circulate air.


It’s important to keep a good amount of landscaped green space in your design. This provides visual interest, balances the hardscape elements, and provides overflow for guests when you’re entertaining. The can also help divide your outdoor living areas, with a low hedge lining a pathway from the back porch to the outdoor kitchen or living room.


Having space for pets to run and kids to play is a practical requirement for most people, but you will also need to think of private areas to some peace and quiet away from the fray. Perhaps this is an outdoor living area with a mounted television or a simpler pergola with lounge chairs.

An Expert on Your Side

Dividing a backyard can be a big undertaking, particularly if you have a big backyard! A landscape design professional can provide creative and functional ideas to create an outdoor living space you’ll

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