Easy Ideas for an Elegant Cocktail Party

Whether you’re throwing a party to celebrate a special occasion or having friends over just for fun, hosting a cocktail party is one of the easiest and most glamorous way to entertain. The lack of a formal meal helps cap costs, while also cutting prep and cleanup times. A cocktail party doesn’t have to feel formal or stuffy. With the right elements, it can be an elegant and entertaining evening. Click To Tweet

Hosting an Outdoor Cocktail Party

A cocktail party is the best way to host a soiree everyone will enjoy, without driving yourself crazy. It’s fairly easy to plan and with the right setting, the only things you’ll have to provide are cocktails, food and good company.

Under the Stars

A beautiful backyard is the ideal setting for a cocktail party. If you have a covered patio or pergola you can set up some private seating, with a central entertainment area on the back patio. The more seating options the better, so everyone can mingle freely.

Beautiful Buffet

A full buffet of delicious appetizers is a must for any cocktail party. You want to ensure that there’s plenty of food for everyone, so a good rule of thumb is to serve 8 appetizers per person.
Keep things easy with self-serve snacks like a charcuterie board and shrimp cocktail. Have a variety of options ready for those with certain dietary restrictions.

Elegant Bar

Hire a bartender to serve guests right from your outdoor kitchen or set up a temporary bar under a pergola. Use a vintage style rolling beverage cart stationed in a central location with pitchers of drinks for guests that would rather serve themselves. Opt for a simple, but elegant cocktail list. Include white sangria, margaritas, wine, beer and mojitos. Serve them in real glasses — no red solo cups allowed!


Play music in the background to set the tone for your party. Opt for classical music or jazz, quiet enough that guests can easily converse without having to raise their voices. Stick with soft outdoor lighting, then accent with string lights or candles. For a luxurious feel, add fire features to your pool or nearby.

An Evening to Remember

A cocktail party is the perfect way to reconnect with friends and family, or get to know new friends a little better. With a beautiful landscaping and a suitable outdoor living space, it doesn’t take much to plan an evening to remember.

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