Creative Backyard Solutions for Uniquely Shaped Spaces

You’ve found the perfect home in the best neighborhood. The only problem? The backyard isn’t a rectangular expanse of green. Maybe it’s a corner lot with a triangle backyard. Perhaps your property runs along a hillside, limiting the flat space. Whatever the shape, you may not know where to start.

Working With a Unique Space

Even large backyards come with their challenges. Dense foliage, odd shape, or unusual property lines can present interesting opportunities to try new things.The beauty of having a unique space is just that--it’s unique! Click To Tweet Embrace the curves and quirks of your backyard with these striking designs.

Pool Shape

Pool designs are virtually limitless and can be customized according to size and shape. If your backyard is not conducive to a large rectangular pool, consider having a custom pool designed specifically for your unique space. Freeform pools are more natural and can curve into almost any space. L-shaped pools fit nicely into similar outdoor spaces.


Winding pathways can always help offset awkward angles in an irregular backyard. If your yard is sloped, consider adding steps or terracing to further create dimension. Use natural stone, bring, or even wood.

Connecting Your Backyard

You may not have an endless backyard, but perhaps you have a large side yard. Think about connecting the 2 to create a sweeping landscape. From the side of your house, a large, lush lawn can connect the side yard with the back, using steps to lead down to a secluded area. Adding a pergola with climbing vines atop an old world brick patio can further add to the elegance, and provides extra privacy.

Pool Placement

Traditionally, pools are placed directly behind the home, in close proximately. However, if you have a larger backyard, you may decide to distance it, adding a pathway from the back patio to the pool patio. In this case, adding a pool house or outdoor shade structure will increase convenience and provide an additional architectural element.That will ensure that it still feels like part of your yard.


Your patio is where you’ll entertain guests and relax in solitude. It must be versatile for your needs. If your backyard is sloped, consider a terraced patio, with stairs leading to lower levels. For a more narrow space, consider an L-shaped patio, or a smaller, more intimate covered patio.

Transforming a Challenge Into an Advantage

Oddly shaped backyards can present design challenges, but their imperfections make them much more visually interesting than cookie-cutter square or rectangular spaces. Make the obstacles work in your favor, emphasizing the unique angles and slopes in a way that maximized their impact.

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