Choosing the Best Landscape Designer

The landscaping around your home is important because it offers the initial first impression. It’s the most visible design aspect of your home, second only to the home itself. Choosing the best landscape designer can be as overwhelming as choosing a landscape design! There are so many options available that unless you have a very good idea of what you want, you might not know where to start.

Your Landscape Designer: Finding A Good Fit

Having a good designer behind you is crucial to understanding the process, choosing the right plants and implementing a seamless design.  Be assertive and comfortable communicating your ideas to your designer. There should be mutual understanding and respect between you.  Here are some tips to help you when choosing the best designer for all your landscaping needs:

Check Reviews

Online reviews are an invaluable source of information when shopping around for a landscape designer. With just one click you can get a sense of how a designer performs and what kind of projects they’ve completed in the past. Reviews offer valuable insight into the process from the standpoint of a real customer.  Positive reviews can be a good indication that the company works hard to ensure customer satisfaction, while negative reviews can act as a warning.  If you find a landscape design company with both good and bad reviews, take into account how they handled the negative reviews. A company that shows that it can handle customer concerns and complaints with professionalism and warmth might deserve further consideration.

Schedule a Visit

Many landscape designers have showrooms that can help give you a feel for their level of quality and workmanship.  A showroom visit offers the unique opportunity to experience different environments, gaining a clearer understanding of your preferences and developing a more informed vision for your project.  With this, you’ll be better able to clearly convey to your designer what kind of design elements you’d like to incorporate into your landscaping.


As is the case with any service agreement, issues arise when there’s a breakdown in communication.  It’s important that you clearly define your expectations, design goals, and timeline. As the process gets underway, the designer should give you regular updates and seek your input on any changes to the original design plan. A lack of communication can lead to miscommunications or misunderstandings.  Be clear and assertive, but willing to take the informed suggestions of your designer into account.

The Right Designer

Finding the right landscaping designer is a personal process that shouldn’t be rushed. This is especially true if your project is large in scale and will take a substantial amount of time to complete. Find someone you feel comfortable with and the design process will be all the more enjoyable!  

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