Beautiful Outdoor Lighting Solutions For Your Backyard

Exterior lighting is just as important as the interior lighting, particularly if you spend time outdoors. If you’ve spent time and money creating an outdoor space that you love, lighting maximizes the ambiance and accessibility of that space.

Lighting should be functional and deliberate, able to provide a relaxing and safe atmosphere. The impact can be as subtle or dramatic as you’d like, but should always combine form and function.

Making a Statement with Outdoor Lighting

The way you light your home and yard can create an impressive silhouette, highlighting what you want to showcase, and casting shadows on whatever you want to hide. There are so many options, but what you choose will ultimately depend on what look you’re trying to achieve.

Path Lighting

Path lighting is a necessary and helpful form of lighting to help guests navigate their way around your outdoor space. Lining the route from the back door to a gazebo or other outdoor living space is an example of path lighting. Lights don’t need to be powerful but should be placed at regular intervals to lead the way.

Romantic Lights

For a bright and illuminated space, using strong lighting sources can help you achieve a dramatic look. But if you want a soft and romantic setting, you can string twinkle lights around your patio or entire backyard. Placing softly lit lanterns around the perimeter of your yard can also create a subtle effect.

Moon Lighting

Down-lighting (also called mood lighting) is the practice of placing lights in the branches of trees, facing slightly downward. This mimics the effect of moonlight hitting the trees, and is a magical sight. It can also be used to create a canopy effect, ideal for special events. It’s important to select the appropriate wattage for this and similar lighting projects. High-wattage bulbs cast harsh light that can ruin the effect. 

Hardscape Lighting

Hardscape encompasses all the man-made “hard” elements of your backyard. (This includes your patio, outdoor kitchen, pool, etc.)  Hardscape lighting not only accents these areas but provides a guiding light in and around them. Lights inside and around your pool can create a shimmering effect, perfect for a romantic evening on the patio. 

Spotlight Specific Elements

Spotlighting is a great way to show off outdoor elements that you’re particularly proud of. Your pool or hot tub, a vine-encased pergola or beautiful statue can all be greatly enhanced with lighting. Spotlighting can also be functional, pointing out exits or entrances to your home or garden.

Achieving Balance in Your Outdoor Space

When lighting your backyard, balance is crucial. Task and accent lighting alone is not enough, but overall lighting alone is blinding. Utilize a combination of these for a beautiful and balanced outdoor space. Not too bright, but not too dark.

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