Award Winning Landscape Designs by Absolutely Outdoors

Each year the Texas Excellence in Landscaping (TEIL) Awards recognize landscaping firms that have completed exceptionally unique and beautiful landscaping projects. Absolutely Outdoors has won several TEIL Awards for the innovative work done in and around The Woodlands.Their reputation is that of unparalleled skill in landscape design and installation.  


A panel of industry experts pore over submitted projects, choosing the top 3 (gold, silver, bronze and honorable mention).  Projects are judged in separate groups based on the cost bracket of the landscaping. This ensures that a project that was $50,000 will not be pitted against one that was $500,000. Judges also read project summaries, detailing any challenges and how the landscape process overcame them.


A key factor in Absolutely Outdoors’ success is their creativity and innovation. Always ahead of the trends, their use of synthetic turf for pristine curb appeal was groundbreaking. Going above and beyond traditional landscaping standards amplifies the artfulness of the end result. No two designs or installations are the same, ensuring that your home will always stand out from the rest. 


Landscaping is rarely synonymous with luxury, and yet Absolutely Outdoors has delivered just that. Luxurious, lush landscaping is paired with gorgeous hardscaping to create breathtaking scenery. Function is never compromised but is enhanced with beautiful elements. This allows for a stunning aesthetic that’s completely functional for your needs.

Make a Statement

Absolutely Outdoors understands that the right landscape design and installation can set your home apart from the rest. With their level of expertise and dedication to quality, there’s no style or statement that can’t be achieved.

Award Winning Landscape Designs

Each landscape design has its own set of challenges. Absolutely Outdoors meets every challenge with enthusiasm and creativity. With projects ranging from the installation of a presidential helipad to a car collector’s dream parking court, there’s no limit to what they can create!

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