How to Achieve a Tuscan Style Outdoor Space

Tuscan gardens incorporate a balance of traditional landscaping and strong hardscape elements. Imagine warm stone walkways and patios, colorful tiles, and rows of lavender and grapevines.  Avoid gray cement, pastels and too many similar plants. The Tuscan style embraces warm tones and old world luxury to make your yard the envy of the neighborhood. Click To Tweet

Creating a Tuscan Style Outdoor Space

Tuscan style landscaping mixes iconic plants like lavender, rosemary, and cypress with the warm colors of terra cotta urns, natural stone and bold flowers that pop in the bright sunshine. Tuscan hills are filled with terraced vineyards, old stone homes with terracotta roof tiles, and some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. The style is simple and casual, and easily replicated in your own backyard, by following a few basic guidelines.

Opt for Tradition

Choose traditional Tuscan garden plants like olive trees, bay trees, old knobbly grape vines, and Mediterranean herbs like lavender and thyme. These plants provide the sensory experience of Tuscany with their fragrances and culinary usefulness. Make these the bulk of your plantings, adding native plants among them.

Mix Cool & Warm Tones

Because so many Mediterranean plants have purple-blue flowers and grey tone leaves, choosing a rich, warm color to contrast makes the traditional Tuscan garden plants look rich and vivid in the bright light of the sun. In addition, the grey leaves on many Mediterranean plants can look faded if not supported by a few lush, bright greens.

Add Custom Features

Almost nothing says Tuscany quite like a rustic pergola covered in grapevines or bougainvillea. Set a few wrought iron chairs and a small table beneath it to enjoy a bottle of wine with friends while you watch the subset. For additional ambiance, consider adding a breathtaking pool and waterscape to make you feel like you’re entering another world when you walk outside.

Sustainable and Beautiful

Many people like the Tuscan theme because Mediterranean plants are both low-maintenance and waterwise, a combination of sustainability and beauty that Absolutely Outdoors excels in.

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