7 Front Yard Landscaping Strategies for More Curb Appeal

Curb appeal isn’t just about selling your house. It’s about making a statement, reflecting personal style and status, and enjoying your home. Be proud and feel good when you have guests over. Enhance your living experience with front yard landscape design.

Landscaping Strategies for a Great First Impression

When people first turn into your driveway, what they see paves the way for the experience they’ll have in your home. Is it beautiful and inviting, or messy and imbalanced? Will it start them off feeling crowded, uncomfortable, or excited to see what comes next? Consider the following landscaping tips to boost your curb appeal:

1) Keep it organized

It’s important to be intentional with your front yard landscape design. Avoid portraying a sense of messiness or an imbalanced lawn. A messy or imbalanced lawn will feel neglected even when well tended. Instead, focus on balance, symmetry, and repetition.

2) Be mindful of scale

Pay special attention to scale. In other words, nothing should ever be too big or too small for the space. If you have a larger house, a row of tiny, colorful flowers in your front lawn will most likely go unnoticed. Larger elements and shapes are far more eye-catching from a distance and will boost your curb appeal. Just be careful not to block windows or doors.

3) Mix it up

Keep it interesting. Choose different plants with varying textures. This keeps your landscaping dynamic, fresh, and noticeable.

4) Emphasize the walkway

The walk from the car to your front door will be the first up-close experience most people will have of your house. You only have one shot at making a first impression- make it dynamic and memorable. Your landscaping along this walkway should be attractive and pleasing. Add a little charm with a stone or brick pathway to your door.

5) Take advantage of the seasons

Add a little fun and keep your landscape interesting. The seasons give you an opportunity to spruce it up and keep it fresh. Surprise your passersby each season. Add beautiful and unique plants that flower specific to the season.  

6) Light the path

Don’t shroud your beautiful landscaping in darkness each night. Use a mixture of different outdoor lights designed to highlight and feature your best elements. The effect will be sophisticated and striking.

7) Keep it low maintenance

Your curb appeal is only as good as your ability to maintain it. Choose the lowest maintenance approach to accomplish your ideal landscape design. Consider plants that won’t litter leaves or petals and shrubs or bushes that require little pruning.

Creating Home Sweet Home

Your front yard landscape design is an opportunity to make your best first impression. Choose a design that catches the eye and captures interest. Not only will you always make a stellar first impression, but you’ll also enjoy your home even more. Get started with these 7 landscaping strategies to boost your curb appeal.

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