7 Creative Outdoor Privacy Solutions

Your backyard is your personal retreat and oasis. It’s where you share food, fun, and relaxation. To facilitate, you need a backyard design that’s stylish, elegant, and inspiring but also one that provides you a degree of privacy. The best way to achieve this is to work it into your landscape design from the beginning.

Outdoor Privacy Solutions for Your Backyard

There are many ways to achieve different levels of privacy in your backyard. The key is choosing the elements that provide the privacy you need with the style and functionality fitting to your outdoor design. Consult with your landscape designer to create your private backyard experience. Get started with the following 7 privacy solutions:

1) Living Wall

You may already have a tall fence surrounding your backyard for privacy. Add a touch of natural style to your fence by transforming a portion of it into a living wall. Use it to create a natural sitting area or to simply add elegance to your backyard. Consult with a landscape designer to find the style and plant choice best suited for your backyard design.

2) Bushes, Shrubs, and Trees

A line of well-placed trees, bushes, or shrubs can provide a natural wall of privacy for your outdoor spaces. Natural greens are known for having a calming effect which makes them perfect for your personal backyard oasis. Again, consult with your landscape designer to integrate natural walls into your overall landscape design.

3) Trellis

Trellis work can be added to an entrance, porch, gazebo, and many other outdoor structures to provide a privacy screen with style.  This is a great option if you’re wanting an area with privacy, but not complete seclusion.

4) Hedges

Hedges are another great natural option to consider in place of individual trees, bushes, and shrubbery. You can line your property with a single, tall hedge for a simple, natural privacy fence.

5) Enclosed Patios and Pergolas

You may want a smaller area of privacy for parties and social events. If so, consider a pergola, enclosed patio, or other home addition. Whether using lattice, slatted top, climbing vines, or any combination, this option gives you the intimacy of being indoors while enjoying nature and the weather.

6) Bamboo

Have your landscape designer build a backyard pavilion, pergola, or covered patio and surround it with bamboo. Not only will it provide a private place for entertaining guests and relaxation, it will transform your backyard into an exotic tropical getaway. Take caution, however, and let an experienced landscape designer handle it. Bamboo is invasive and can get out of hand if not properly planted and contained.

7) Fountains: Natural Sound Barrier

Adding a strategically-placed fountain not only gives your backyard class and sophistication, but also forms a sound barrier. Keep unwanted noise at bay and conceal your conversations with the sound of running water. What’s more, the sound of a trickling stream has a natural soothing effect and provides a calming, relaxing environment for your backyard space.

The Best in Style and Function

Working with an experienced, top-rated landscape designer will ensure you have a backyard design that makes optimal sense. They will help you choose the outdoor privacy solutions best suited for your privacy, style, and backyard ambiance goals. Get started with this guide and consult with your landscape specialist today!

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