5 Spectacular Tropical Landscaping Ideas

Nothing complements a pool quite like lush, tropical landscaping. The visual impact can be breathtaking. Even in Texas, where the occasional freeze is possible, a tropical oasis is within reach.

Texas Tropical Landscaping

For Texas landscaping, it’s important to choose plants that can withstand extreme heat and humidity as well as the rare freeze. Your landscaping professional should be able to work within those parameters to create a masterpiece for your outdoor space. Balance your expectations with the reality of climate to make the right choices for your space.

1) Add Color

Adding pops of bright color is a staple of tropical landscaping.  Some unique options are ornamental kale, hardy hibiscus, camellia, canna and protea.  Plan your landscaping so that there’s color present nearly all year. While one flower bush blooms, others may lie dormant until fall or spring.    

2) Edible Elements

Adding edible elements to your landscaping is both practical and unique.  Who wouldn’t want to walk outside and pick a ripe red grapefruit off your own tree for breakfast? Fruit trees need about six or more hours of direct sunlight per day, so choose a sunny spot. A few good options are apples, lemons, oranges, grapefruit and Texas peaches.

3) Provide Shade

Trees are perfect for providing areas of natural shade. If you’re adding shade trees around your pool, keep in mind root growth and pool debris.  While it’s lovely to have tall pines shading your backyard, they can amass a lot of needles in your pool during the fall. Place trees that drop seeds, cones or leaves far enough from your pool to avoid any problems with debris. Palm trees are a great choice, especially those hardy enough to withstand winter weather.

4) Mix Plantlife

The trick to tropical landscaping in areas where temperatures fluctuate is to pair hardy plantlife with more delicate tropical plants.

This gives the overall aesthetic that you want, without the high maintenance of a truly tropical garden.  For example, soft shield ferns planted in front of hardy hibiscus create a lush green appearance with accents of color from the hibiscus. Although ferns aren’t necessarily tropical, the visual impact is the same. For delicate tropical plants that can’t handle temperatures below 24F, plant them in large pots around your patio, so that they can be easily covered in the event of a freeze.

5) Lounging Area

A tropical getaway wouldn’t be complete without a luxurious outdoor lounging area.  Building a poolside pergola is the perfect place to put lounge chairs or a dining area.  Twinkle lights can set the stage for a magical evening enjoying the beautiful sights around you. Creating various areas for lounging, eating, cooking and play fosters a natural flow in your outdoor living space.

Creating a Backyard Oasis

There’s nothing better than walking out to your patio on a warm spring day and being greeted with the sights, smells, and sounds of paradise. Choosing the right plants and arrangement can make the visual impact spectacular. Talk to a landscaping professional about how to make your tropical vision a reality.

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