5 Outdoor Lighting Hacks for Your Next Backyard Event

When warm weather arrives, everyone is eager to get outside. A backyard is the perfect place to host birthday parties, cookouts and baby showers.  It’s also a great opportunity to show off the hard work you’ve put into your outdoor space! There’s is no better time to host than in the evening, when temperatures drop and everyone is ready to unwind. With just a few outdoor lighting hacks you can create a magical setting for guests to enjoy!

Exciting Outdoor Lighting Hacks

The abundance of different outdoor lights means that you can achieve any look you want.  From bold and modern to whimsical and romantic, the possibilities are endless.  You don’t have to break the bank to have a one of a kind event.  Here are 5 outdoor lighting hacks you need to try this summer:

1) Magical Lighting

Install string lights (“fairy lights”) between trees or fence posts to cast soft, magical shadows.  Many string lights have dimmer or twinkle effect options, adding to the ambiance. Use real candles for table lighting or to line a path.  If safety is a concern, LED lights and lanterns mimic the soft glow of real candlelight and come in a multitude of sizes.

2) Accent Lighting

Use solar-powered spotlights to draw attention to elements of your landscape, such as a statue or water feature.  Light the front of the piece to grab attention, or use light behind the piece to create a dramatic silhouette.  Pool lighting can add a unique touch to your backyard oasis. Underwater lights are available in a variety of colors and wattage.  Floating lights add drama and romance.

3) Path Lighting

This lighting will help guests find their way around your yard.  It’s especially recommended if you have a large backyard, or if the event includes other parts of your property.  This will also help prevent guests from stumbling in the darkness.  Solar lights are big money savers, and come in a variety of styles. While it’s tempting to save money with lower-quality fixtures, for lighting that lasts it can be in your best interest to invest in a better product!

4) Task Lighting

Focused, bright lighting is used to help you complete an outdoor task after dark, such as light pointed at your grill so you can see while you’re cooking burgers.  This is also great for outdoor kitchens or bars for preparing food and beverages.  For events with children, craft or project tables can provide endless entertainment. Such fun and creative stations do require task lighting.

5) Area Lighting

There should always be enough light to see comfortably.  Mid-level lighting is not too bright or too dim.  It makes an area feel welcoming and safe without being brighter than necessary.  Think about placing this lighting around the perimeter of your patio, so that it casts enough light without being blinding.

Don’t Be Left in the Dark

Lighting is a crucial part of any outdoor event.  Too much of it can spoil the ambiance, but not enough can be a safety hazard. With the availability of solar lights, much of your lighting can stay up all year round.  The right outdoor lighting hacks should maximize impact without draining your wallet.   Contact Us today to see how we can help you create a backyard fit for any event!