5 Outdoor Activities to Keep Your Kids Active

As a child, you probably spent endless hours outside, especially in the summertime. Today, many kids spend the majority of their time indoors, starting at a screen. Kids who spend time outside have been shown to be happier and have less anxiety. Spending time outdoors can even improve short-term memory, concentration, and cognitive skills. Click To Tweet

Creative Outdoor Activities

Encouraging your kids to have fun outside seems simple, but parents struggle with it, even in the summer. With entertainment available with the push of a button, the draw to zone out in front of a tablet or television can prove irresistible. Here are some proven tricks that will get them active outdoors:

Pool Games

Nothing brings summer to mind more than the smell of sunscreen and chlorine. Whether it’s a raft in the shape of a flamingo or a floating volleyball net, a pool makes everything more fun. On hot summer days, encourage kids to spend time in the water, playing volleyball, watermelon ball, or racing each other from end to end. With supervision, they’ll safely get energy out before it’s time to head in for the night.

Entertaining Space

Providing kids (even teenagers) with an outdoor entertaining space makes them more likely to take summer fun outside. It also encourages them to invite friends over and creates a festive setting for an afternoon. Provide drinks and burgers, and set up a ping-pong table or karaoke machine.

Water Fight

When kids and friends are restlessly watching tv on the couch, suggest a little water fight warfare. Water balloons can be strung up like pinatas, or thrown around. Water guns or sponges can also be used in the battle.

Club House

A clubhouse provides endless hours of imaginative playtime for kids. Whether you have one built or let the kids create a makeshift house from large cardboard boxes, it’s a great way to spend an afternoon.

Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re outside cooking, there’s a good chance your kids will follow you. An outdoor kitchen guarantees that kids will have everything they need outdoors. With so many amenities, there’s almost no point in going back in! Host a cook-off, with 2 teams of kids challenged to make the best sandwich. With an outdoor kitchen, there’s more room to move around and less stress if there’s a mess!

Fostering Curiosity

The most important part of prioritizing time outside is to give your child the gift of enthusiasm. A parent’s excitement is contagious, so when you show that you’re excited to be outside, your child will follow suit. Eliminating distractions while outside can further foster their creativity, forcing them to lean on their own imaginations.

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