5 Luxury Outdoor Designs for a Beautiful Backyard

Imagine a tropical paradise or entertainment area that looks like it’s out of a magazine. Now imagine that it’s right in your own backyard. Contrary to what you may think, it is possible to transform your backyard into a stunning refuge, whether you want to lounge poolside or host an elegant dinner party.

Luxury Outdoor Designs That Wow

Creating luxurious and elegant outdoor areas can be achieved by adding the right elements. A carefully chosen light fixture or pristine pool can make all the difference. An outdoor entertaining space is taken to a new level with the addition of an outdoor kitchen. Before you start choosing design elements, it’s important to choose a design to act as the foundation for everything that follows.Creating luxurious and elegant outdoor areas can be achieved by adding the right elements. A carefully chosen light fixture or pristine pool can make a big statement. Click To Tweet

1) Lush Tropical

A tropical backyard boasts colorful plants with exotic blooms and bright foliage that transform your outdoor space into a paradise. A lush, tropical outdoor space leans heavily on your landscape design. An abundance of deep green plants are punctuated with colorful flowers and details of turquoise and pink. A sparkling blue pool caps the island feel and adds a touch of luxury.

2) Natural

No natural luxury outdoor space is complete without water, but in a natural design, the pool should fit seamlessly into the nature surrounding it. A pool builder with knowledge and experience can integrate a pool to emphasize the shape and space of your backyard. The natural and organic component is achieved with stones and tiles in the greens and browns of an earth tone palette. Nothing about the natural design feels like it’s trying too hard.

3) Tuscan

The Tuscan style of design mixes iconic plants like lavender, rosemary, grapevines, cypress and olive trees with the warm colors of terracotta and natural stone. Hardscape elements consist of old world style stone, tile, and brick. If you incorporate a pool into the space, opt for a pool design is Grecian or Roman for added interest.

4) Modern

Those wishing to incorporate a modern luxury outdoor space will most likely opt for a swimming pool with straight lines. You can punch up the luxury by adding a vanishing edge on one or more sides of the pool. That will make the water appear to be even with the top of the pool, creating a stunning illusion. Modern landscaping is clean and uncluttered, with bold statement pieces and stark contrasts.

5) Intricate Old World

An intricate backyard design leaves nothing to chance. Every landscape and hardscape element is thought out and meticulous. Foliage is breathtaking and reminiscent of royal gardens. Layering is used to make patterns emerge and certain elements pop. Grand stone pergolas provide shade on hot summer days for visitors to admire the breathtaking landscape around them.

Furnishing Your Backyard

Just as with interior decorating, your outdoor design takes careful planning and deliberation. In order to create the entertaining space or tranquil gardens you desire, you must carefully arrange each element. Furnishing should complement your outdoor design, not compete with it and never detract from it.

A Room With a View

There’s no better feeling than standing at your back door taking in the beautiful scenery of your own backyard. Such a sight pulls you in, making the urge to get outside irresistible. Surrounded by nature and beauty, the cares of your day fade away.

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