5 Key Advantages of Hiring a Landscape Architect

Hiring the right person for the job often boils down to a few things that are important to the buyer. While many value cost as the absolutely essential component, for others it’s experience. For those who value receiving the finest design, materials, and results hiring a landscape architect is your best bet.

Why Hire a Landscape Architect?

It’s easy to forget that your yard is an extension of your home. An oasis that can provide a source of rejuvenation and relaxation. A place to get away from distractions or to spend real quality time with those that we care about. This is what the landscape architect has in mind, that and whatever your imagination can dream up. A landscape architect is the go-to hire when you want to create your own personal outdoor oasis. Here’s why:

1) Expertise and Credentials

A landscape architect is insured, licensed and has graduated with a degree in landscape design. All of this means that a landscape architect is a person who is equipped with the knowledge and expertise that will ensure that the job is done correctly. He or she has the experience, expertise, and full picture of what it takes to make your dreams come true.

2) Increase Home Value

One of the best financial investments that you can make in your home is the landscaping. In order to capitalize on these gains, however, it is imperative to hire the right person for the job. When comparing homes that are similar, the house whose owner made the investment to create an extraordinary outdoor environment is the home more likely to make an emotional connection, one of the biggest factors when selling a home.  It sets your home apart in one of the most fundamental ways.  

3) Comprehensive Plan

It is easy to forget how much planning truly goes into a home and its landscaping. Whether it is a simple or complex design, there should be a plan drafted that will address any complications or hazards that may occur. The importance of having a well thought out and documented plan is true in all cases and especially true when permitting is required by law. A landscape designer may not have the experience needed in dealing with construction oversight, regulations, worksite engineering and proper building techniques like the landscape architect does. Consequently,  if you hire a landscape designer instead of an architect, your end result may end up costing you more money in the end.

4) Create an Experience (Not Just a View)

A master gardener or landscape designer is well equipped to get an ordinary lawn looking well maintained and organized. However, it is the landscape architect who is best equipped to transform a space into a masterpiece. “Hardscapes” such as swimming pools, fountains, gazebos, pergolas, retaining walls, and other engineered products are the elements a landscaping architect has in his or her toolkit. Having such a broader set of options allows a landscape architect to turn your backyard into an incredible experience rather than only something pleasing to the eye.

5) Offer Customized Options

In order to extend the living space, a landscape architect is equipped to offer custom solutions. These are the ideas that you wish to recreate based on your research and experience. A one size fits all approach does not work when you are trying to create an environment the provides an escape and change of pace.

Create Your Own Shangri-la

Enhancing the way you’re able to experience your outdoor environment is a worthwhile investment. Hiring a landscape architect is a decision that can pay off for years of personal enjoyment. It’s also valuable when it comes time to sell and a potential buyer falls in love with your home because of the atmosphere that you’ve created. When you’re thinking about crafting a new environment for your backyard, choose a firm with a landscape architect.

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