5 Incredible Hardscape Elements to Enhance Your Landscape Design

Softscaping provides beauty, color, and a touch of nature to your front and backyard. By itself, however, it only goes so far. Consider kicking your design up a notch with a few tried and true elements of hardscaping.  

5 Hardscape Elements to Transform Your Landscape into a Work of Art

An ideal landscape incorporates a balance of softscape and hardscape elements. One without the other feels empty, imbalanced, and unfinished. A master landscape designer or architect creates the perfect harmony between your softscaping and hardscaping. Consider adding the following elements to your landscape design for added flair:

1) Fire

Fire adds excitement, mystery, and flare. You can use it to create just about any mood in your outdoor living space- romantic, energetic, and relaxing. If you plan on entertaining small groups frequently, an outdoor fireplace is your ideal choice. They also serve as a focal point for your backyard patio. However, if you tend to host larger groups of people, a fire pit may be your top pick. It also provides a more casual setting. Fire features are great near your pool for added ambiance, heat, and light. Choose from a wide range of materials and styles including brick, river rock, stacked stone, limestone, and concrete.

2) Water

Nothing calms and relaxes you quite like running, trickling water features. Add an assortment of water features for an immediate calming effect. There are many different types of water features to fit any style or preference. Choose from ponds, waterfalls, fountains, lakes, streams, pool bubblers and more. Add a pond to attract the sounds and sights of wildlife- frogs, butterflies, birds, and more. For simpler style, try a tabletop fountain to create a quick and easy, relaxing atmosphere.

3) Patios

If versatility is important to you, you can’t go wrong with a patio. They’re perfect for entertaining, outdoor dining, relaxing alone, or spending time together with your family. You can detach them from your home or make them a seamless extension of your indoor living experience. Popular for incorporating softscape elements such as flowers and shrubs. More and more people are placing them in the front yard as a place for neighbors to gather together and socialize.

4) Decks

Similar appeal as a patio, but typically set higher up off the ground. A deck provides a higher vantage point from which to enjoy your landscaping and other features. It’s important to consider the style of your home when choosing your deck to make sure it matches or compliments it. Decks can be elevated as high as you like- added to a second level of your home or even the roof. You have many options for decking material, the current most popular being pressure-treated decking. It’s important to keep in mind your climate when choosing the material for your deck.

5) Pergolas

A pergola is a great hardscape element to add to your landscape design to give it dimension, beauty, and height. Use a small pergola as a visually stunning entryway to your yard, or create shade and cover for walkways and sitting areas with a larger one. Adorn it with vines or running lights or use it to support speakers, fabric, or ceiling fans. You can incorporate a pergola into an existing structure such as a deck or make it a freestanding accent to your backyard design.

Design a Gorgeous Landscape with Hardscaping

Whether for entertaining, personal relaxation, outdoor dining, or quality family time, hardscaping is essential to your landscape design. Don’t settle for only softscaping elements. Create a true backyard oasis you can enjoy for many years to come. Get started with this guide to common hardscape elements.

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