4 Essential Tips for Low-Maintenance Landscaping

There’s nothing quite like the sight of well-designed and maintained landscaping. It catches your eye immediately and makes it hard to peel away. It enhances your time spent outdoors relaxing and having fun. Well-maintained landscaping also makes your home feel expensive and well-maintained.

Ideas for Low-Maintenance Landscaping

One of the best ways to ensure your landscaping is always in top shape is to opt for low-maintenance features you won’t have to do much to keep up with. There are many to choose from, depending on what you’re going for. Here are 5 popular options:

1) Increase outdoor living space

Add more outdoor living options like an outdoor living room, outdoor kitchen, pavilion, etc. This leaves less space for landscaping features which cuts down on landscaping maintenance.

2) Mulch beds

Add mulch to beds instead of grass. Mulch is much less maintenance-intensive than grass. Grass must be watered and tended to. It may need fertilizing. Mulch, however, only needs to be maintained at 2 to 3 inches deep. Check once in the Spring and again in the Fall and replenish it as needed. Otherwise, leave it be and enjoy it. 

3) Automated irrigation system

Watering your lawn and landscaping features doesn’t get much easier than an automatic sprinkler system to irrigate your greenery. Let a licensed professional irrigation specialist design and place the perfect irrigation system for your landscaping needs.

4) Simple design

The simplest landscape designs by their very nature are low-maintenance and easy to keep up with. Eliminate extras and unnecessary items such as complex water features for a simple, well-designed and easy to maintain landscape design. Work with a landscape architect to design the perfect, simple landscape design for your space.

Get Started Today

It doesn’t have to be high-maintenance to be high-quality and eye-catching. A landscape architect will take into account all your goals, preferences, and unique land characteristics. Don’t wait, create your perfect backyard oasis with low-maintenance landscaping today.

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