5 Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Any Season

Backyard landscaping is an opportunity for you to enhance your outdoor living experience while expressing your personal style and preference. It can take an average, everyday backyard and transform it into an experience of beauty and sophistication. Your backyard will be an ideal spot for hosting parties throughout every season.

Year-Round Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping your backyard gives you the chance to create another world, an oasis to relax, host parties, and enjoy family and friends. Working with an experienced landscape designer, you truly can create a premiere backyard experience everyone will remember. Get started with the following 5 tips:

1) Pave the way.

Creating a walkway throughout your spacious backyard or garden is not only extremely practical, but it also adds a touch of sophistication and class. You can also create several stone islands in various places for stable seating foundations when you host outdoor parties. There are a variety of stones you can choose from including brick, concrete, marble, travertine, and flagstone. You can also add a little elegance or flare with different patterns such as circular, running bond, European fan, herringbone and more.

2) Create a corner.

Add a peaceful sitting area in the corner where you can enjoy your seasonal beverage of choice or curl up and read a book. Include a backdrop of angled trellis lined with vines or seasonal flowers. The trellis can also hide less-aesthetic items such as utility poles and air conditioners. Complete your corner sitting area with cushy, comfortable patio chairs and a quaint table

3) Build a pergola.

A pergola is a simple way to turn any area into a work of art, though they are most effective when used as a stand-alone architectural element. Line the top with vines for an aesthetic accent. Be sure to run a tight wire across the top to support the weight of the vines. The most common woods used to build pergolas are Red Cedar, Pacific Kwila, and Araucaria Pine. A pergola creates a versatile space that can be used as a sitting area, outdoor library, or even an outdoor dining room.

4) Embrace the terrain.

Make the most of the terrain you have. For example, if you have a backyard that slopes a lot or is very unlevel, carve out a section for an intimate retreat. Install a brick or stone patio floor below grade level and surround it with a stacked stone wall to keep the surrounding sod in place. The stone wall will also provide additional seating options for your guests. If your backyard is very flat, bring in fresh soil for a two-level outdoor stage area. Enclose the sides with layers of stone for stability and aesthetics. Create a natural curtain behind the stage with tall plants for added height and drama.

5) Employ a fireplace.

Have a beautiful outdoor fireplace installed to use year-round. During the winter, light a fire for warmth and a cozy ambiance on cold nights. During the warmer months, use the fireplace as a stage for potted plants. There are many options and styles to choose from including steel, clay, cast iron, cast aluminum, and built in.

Create Your Backyard Oasis

You work hard and deserve a place to escape to, enjoy friends and family, and simply rejuvenate.Your backyard is there for you to enjoy year-round- why not design your landscaping so you can? Consult with your landscape designer to design your perfect backyard getaway. Get started with these 5 backyard landscaping ideas.

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