5 Backyard Improvements for a Total Transformation

Is your patio a welcoming and tranquil extension of your home, or is it a hot slab of concrete? If it’s closer to the latter, it may be time to make some improvements. With a little planning, you can make your backyard a destination. Design the backyard to be an extension of your home’s design and architecture, and it will look like it was always there. Tuck interesting elements where they’re partially hidden, accessible through an arbor or weeping willow, to make entering the area feel like a discovery. Pave or set stones to create a garden walkway around your property so guests can stroll. Click To Tweet

Backyard Improvements to Ensure Privacy

Your backyard will feel more like an oasis if it has a sense of privacy and seclusion. Fences and garden walls ensure privacy for patios, but you can also use outdoor structures and landscaping to define outdoor spaces and shield your home from neighbors. These elements can also offer sound control, ensuring that the neighborhood sounds don’t interrupt your moonlight hot tub soak!

1) Updated Landscape Design

If you haven’t put much thought into your landscape design, chances are it isn’t doing your home any favors. Refreshing tired or yellow grass, and thoughtfully mapping out your landscaping can be hugely beneficial to your bottom line. One of the few features that won’t depreciate over time, planting trees will add shade and value to your home.  Lush greenery and pops of flowering red, pinks or purple can add color and interest.

2) Outdoor Structures

When you think of expanding your home, you might imagine annoying construction and a home in disarray. However, adding onto your home outside is much less stress on you and your family. An outdoor living room or kitchen can get just as much use as your indoor rooms, expanding your usable space. Just need some shade? Add a pergola or covered patio for a beautiful alfresco dining area.

3) Waterscape

Sometimes the constant grind of daily life and make it hard to find time to relax and unwind. A backyard waterscape makes it easy to decompress and enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space. Most people find comfort and serenity in the soothing sounds of water, and with a custom pool and surrounding waterscape, you can have that spa-like feeling right at home. Making a pool and spa the focal point of your backyard will completely transform the space into a tropical oasis. Waterscapes incorporate fountains, waterfalls, lush greenery and of course, a sparkling blue pool.  It’s a truly stunning sight. 

4) Putting Green

Do you ever wish you could work on your short game in the comfort of your own backyard? Whether you are an experienced golfer or you just want a place for the friends and family to putt around, a putting green is a fun feature.  A landscape architect can work a putting green into the backyard design as a focal point or tuck it out of the way.

5) Lighting

The right lighting can allow your outdoor space to transition from day to night time. Lighting should be functional, but not overwhelming. No one wants to be at an evening cookout under floodlights! COnsider using solar-powered accent lights to add drama and interest to the landscape and to highlight paths for guests.

A Breath of Fresh Air

If you’re thinking about enhancing your backyard, browse photos and galleries of beautiful outdoor designs for inspiration. Talk to an expert landscape designer about how to incorporate all the elements you’d like, and maybe learn about options you hadn’t considered.

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