3 Ways a Pool Purchase is Like Waiting for Christmas Day

Christmas is always a special time of the year. Expectations build as the decorations go up and Christmas wish lists are being made. You can feel it in the air. Everyone everywhere simply can’t wait for the day. As it turns out, purchasing a pool is similar in many ways.

The Magic of a Pool Purchase

There is no other addition to your home that builds more excitement than a custom pool. A pool means endless fun and relaxation. Adults and kids alike love to spend time in it and can’t wait for the day it’s finished. Here’s a little of what to expect when you purchase your pool:

1) Your list

Like a Christmas wish list, you have a list of desires you’d like to see in your dream pool. You can visualize it in your mind and can’t wait for the day it becomes reality. Your list may include things like the pool size, shape, style, look and feel. You can imagine the countless hours of fun and relaxation you, your family, and your guests will enjoy. Your list begins to build excitement and expectation. Working with a custom pool designer and builder will make the dreams on your list a reality.

2) Signs of the season

As you enter into the last few months of the year, you begin to see decorations appear around town that signal the coming of Christmas. The excitement begins to intensify as more and more holiday colors appear. Christmas lights, Santa, and Nativities start to pop up everywhere you turn. There’s something different in the air.

You’ll have a similar experience as you wait for your pool to be built. Things will start to happen in your yard. As the days and weeks go by, you’ll start to see the pool taking shape and your excitement and expectation will soar. Every phase will bring you a new wave of joy as the day draws nearer. You’ll begin to see what the finished product will be-  what your new backyard will look and feel like- and you simply won’t be able to wait for the day.

3) The magic of Christmas day

There is magic in Christmas morning as all the excitement and expectation heightens into the opening of presents. Wrapping paper and boxes pile up around the living room as kids squeal with delight. They have waited so long (it seems) for this day, and it’s finally here. The day you will see your new finished pool for the first time is much the same. There is magic in the air as you gaze upon your new backyard and the rush of emotions hits you in a moment. For so long, it was just an idea, a dream, but now you can finally experience it anytime you want!

‘Tis the Season to Begin

It’s a good idea to begin your pool purchase as long before the summer as possible. Ideally, you’d want to begin in the Fall, during the holiday season, or just after. If you wait much longer, you risk the weather and other delays pushing your pool unveiling into the middle of summer or later. Let the magic begin today!

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