3 New Trends in Outdoor Design

With every New Year comes a host of fresh ideas and trends in every industry, and outdoor design and landscaping is no exception.  Now is the time to take stock of your outdoor space, assess the needs you see, and plan for improvements and modernizations.  With new technologies and cutting-edge breakthroughs in design, architecture and water features, the possibilities are endless!

Trends to Embrace in 2018

While some trends come and go, the most impressive new designs are timeless, unpretentious and functional. If you’re looking to update your pool, landscape or add a one of a kind feature, take into account your lifestyle and needs, as well as the style of your home.  The more cohesive the design, the more longevity it possesses.

1. Outdoor Entertainment.

Outdoor living of the past consisted only of a pool and deck, but people are finding it easier and more fun to entertain and relax outside. As a result, the need for functional outdoor living spaces has skyrocketed. Kitchens complete with refrigerators, grills, and ovens eliminate the need to go back and forth from inside to out.  Mounted televisions provide entertainment to those lounging beside the pool. Outdoor showers and bathrooms hold similar appeal, with such spaces adding tremendous value to a home.

2. Let Nature Take the Spotlight.

Although plants have begun to see a surge of popularity in the interior design world, their impact in outdoor design has never been bigger.  Even in urban settings natural elements such as edible gardens, raised beds, and exotic flora are finding a place in outdoor spaces.  The soothing, air-purifying effects of plant life are second only to their beauty.  By using plants, flowers, and trees to take the spotlight in unexpected ways you can make a huge design statement with a positive environmental impact.

3. Make a Statement.

Unique statement pieces can be a breathtaking and artistic focal point to any outdoor space.  A one of a kind fire pit, reflection pool, art installation or water feature can set your design apart from the rest. Let your creativity reign and put some of your own personality into it!

Get Outside!

The new year is perfect for refreshing a tired design or creating an entirely new outdoor living space for you to enjoy.  The value landscaping and outdoor design adds is undeniable, not only in financial terms but in the value it will add to you and your family’s lives.  The home is no longer restricted to four walls. The time to unlock your outdoor living potential is now!

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