Absolutely Outdoors Facility

One of the benefits of working with Absolutely Outdoors is the fact that we have a facility that our clients can visit. The Absolutely Outdoors facility is a seven acre site and includes over three acres of nursery growing areas, a design center with materials for pools, and a hardscape and landscape display with a variety of design concept planting, a rose garden with over 20 species of low maintenance shrub roses, and our central office with our landscape architects and staff to assist your every need.
We have been trusted as a stable business in the community for years and like to give our clients the peace of mind to know that we can be trusted with their project and will be around to finish the job. The outdoor service business can be an unstable market with up to 70% of new businesses failing within the first three years. We have been established since 1998 and have a long list of references from years past that can attest to our integrity as a business you can trust.

The Nursery

Our growing facility gives us an advantage over the competition that we pass on to our clients through discounted pricing. The nursery allows us to grow standard items in large quantity and large sizes that we can offer at extremely competitive pricing structure. Wax myrtles, Ligustrum, Bottebrush, Viburnum, Crepe Myrtles, and Japanese Blueberry are just a few names of plants we grow in 15 gallon to 45 gallon sizes. These plantings have many applications in a typical landscape and are items that we keep in stock throughout the year. We also have the ability to contract grow for special projects that are planned well in advance.
This is a wonderful opportunity for customers to save an impressive amount of money as we grow for a specific project. Absolutely Outdoors truly enjoys growing special items to various mature sizes according to specific design parameters. This approach makes the projects appear mature immediately upon installation.

The Tree Farm

We have access to over 50 acres of our tree farm facilities that are used for space planted installations of Live Oaks and Loblolly Pines. Our tree stock includes sizes ranging from four inches to ten inches for our Live Oaks and 4 inches to eight inches for our Pines. The growing facilities can be visited by request to one our customer representatives. We encourage our customers to visit the farm and choose the exact tree or trees for a more personal experience prior to installation.

The Design Center

The goal of our business model is to create a “One Stop Shop” experience for our clients in the design process of pool and landscape. In the design process for pool and landscape, there are many selections of tiles and materials. It is important to us that our client experience is fun and rewarding to ensure customer satisfaction is a result of finding the perfect blend of tiles and colors to accent the architecture and tone of the residence. At Absolutely Outdoors we hold our client’s hands through, and after the design phase. We offer numerous suggestions with color combinations, and textures that are unique to every project. Our projects truly reflect the personality of our clients and their homes. We take pride in our ability to guide our customers down the path toward the best possible design.
Often the selection of tiles and materials can be completed at our facility, which is an enormous savings for our customers. We have magnificent displays from our top vendors in town. Represented in our design center are many offerings from Master Tile, Thorntree, QDI, Pool Worths, Modern Method, and MSI. Our goal is to make the selection process easy by having the samples available at our facility.

The “Grand Gardens”

Our facility features a landscape display that integrates numerous design styles and uses multiple landscape applications to emphasize all the possibilities of your project. Retaining walls, stacked stone, paver patios, crushed granite walkways, and boulder accents are all used to promote imagination through vision when our clients visit us. Beautiful displays provide actual example of what you can do with your project. As a new addition, we have recently added the Rose Garden, which features over twenty varieties of Shrub Roses that provide magnificence beauty, and a southern climate tolerance for low maintenance. Feel Free to call for a visit and walk through so we can answer any questions you have.

Located near The Woodlands and serving all surrounding areas, we are re-defining outdoor living.